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Meet the old Mohinish

Not many people know but I used to be obese. I lost 20 kilos after almost killing myself but within a year gained back almost 15 kilos (yes, 15 kgs). Finally, I had a rebirth and found the secrets to a forever lean body - no matter your age or fitness level. Nobody teaches this stuff and your getting everything for a basic investment.

Realize this is what your body needs to get lean

Imagine waking up in the morning, walking up to the mirror, and looking at your lean body. Imagine feeling proud of yourself because you know how to maintain a lean body

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While most people teach you about the tactics of dieting and workout -- I, however, learned strategies and principles of gaining and maintaining life-long fitness from my mentors. Learn principles of science and spirituality to gain a deeper understanding of your mind-body-gut.

-- Certified trainer & Nutritionist, Mohinish